June 29, 2020 4 Top Online Interview Tips to Get The Job

By Tom Wilde

Taking into consideration these online interview tips could be the key to acing your next online interview. The right tips could be all you need to make a lasting impression and can go a long way in preparing you for your next online interview. After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, as the saying goes. Online interviews may seem a little daunting as most interviews up until this point have been conducted in an office space, face-to-face. The online interview, although you can’t shake hands, is similar and the same rules apply as they do in an in-person interview. Once you have sent your resume to the recruitment agency and been invited for an interview, you have successfully cleared your first major hurdle. This means the recruiter (and your potential future employer) liked what they saw and are interested in meeting the person behind the portfolio. Potential employers are interested in both your technical abilities as well as your soft skills. Soft skills are mainly what is assessed during the interview process, for example, professionalism, analytical thinking, computer literacy and problem-solving capabilities or whether you are a team player, a good communicator and the right fit for the company culture. They will ask questions that confirm that the information you have provided in your C.V. is truthful and up-to-date. Just because people say they have a skill does not always mean they do. There may be some things you haven’t even thought of preparing because you may never have had an online interview or possibly have never received feedback after an online interview. Not to worry, AES Global has put together a useful list of online interview tips that can give you an advantage over other candidates interviewing for the same role.

4 Top Online Interview Tips to Get the Job

1. Prepare for your online interview

By being prepared you not only increase your chances of acing the online interview, but you will also be more confident during the interview. Lower stress levels result in clearer and more concise answers. That is ultimately what you want in an interview scenario. Prepare yourself

  • Research the company: Being knowledgeable about the company, the industry and its products or services will prepare you to answer relevant company-specific questions during your interview. It shows genuine interest and enthusiasm for the position. By fully understanding the job role and the requirements thereof before you are interviewed will put you at a great advantage.
  • Research the interviewer: Familiarise yourself with your interviewer before you meet them. HR professionals are generally active on LinkedIn and a quick Google search will shed some light on who you’re meeting with. Remember to prepare some questions to ask of the interviewer as this again shows genuine interest in the job you are interviewing for.
  • Practice your responses: The way you respond to questions are very important and being able to answer confidently will positively impact your chances of getting hired. This will also demonstrate your communication skills.
  • Eliminate errors: If you are asked to prepare a task or assignment in preparation for the interview or during the interview process, make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar carefully before submitting your copy. Spelling errors or typos look sloppy and you want to portray excellence in an interview.

2. Test

Testing your equipment beforehand avoids unnecessary delays and gives you peace of mind that you have done your due diligence to make sure the interview runs as seamlessly as possible. Test your equipment

  • Test run your equipment: Make sure beforehand that you have the correct software installed. Not all interviewers use the same platforms so make sure you know which virtual meeting software you’ll be using.
  • Test your device: Test which device has the best camera. Your interviewer must see you clearly. Test the video as well as the audio. Remember to use earphones for the online interview as the sound quality of earbuds is often much better than that of laptop speakers.
  • Rope in a friend: Ask one of your friends to interview you remotely to check that you have your research in place and that all your equipment is fully operational.

3. Position

Be professional and position yourself for success. A clear space is a visual representation of the way you think and work. Remove clutter and make space for yourself to breathe, even where the camera doesn’t see. Most importantly of course where the camera is aimed. Choose your space

  • A professional setting: Position your interview spot in a space with a neutral background. This looks both professional and avoids visual distractions.
  • Lighting: Also check that there is ample lighting in this area.

4. Presentation

Professionally present yourself and your resume. A video or remote interview may seem less formal, but it isn’t. You don’t have the opportunity to showcase yourself in person, therefore it is critical that you make use of every available opportunity to do so during your online interview. Professional presentation:

  • The dress code in the modern office may relax over time but don’t adopt this standard for an interview. Dress your best, at least one notch higher than the typical dress code for a meeting and wear a jacket.
  • Check your posture. Put a sticky note somewhere to remind yourself.

Being confident and portraying humility is always essential in an interview and the same applies to an online interview. Know who you are but be willing to learn. Be honest. Smile and show warmth. And if you are a little nervous for the interview, go for a jog around the block beforehand to calm the nerves. Lastly, relax and be the best version of yourself, after all, the interviewer wanted to meet you. Consider partnering with a Recruitment Agency to ensure you appoint the best candidate for your organization. “AES Global provides a bespoke and consultative recruitment agency. Our industry knowledge, extensive networks and passion for these sectors ensure we are market leaders.” Contact us today to connect with the right people for your career needs.