July 21, 2020 5 Top Tech Careers for 2020 and Beyond

By Tom Wilde

We explain why you should consider a career in Information Technology and what the top tech careers are for 2020 and beyond.

Listed among the top tech careers for 2020 are various positions that fall within the information technology sector (IT). The IT sector is a rapidly growing industry where people with relevant skills continue to be highly sought after. Which highlights that those entering the job market or looking to make a career change in the 21st Century should consider a career in the lucrative field of information technology. Staying ahead of digital trends is one way to ensure employment and a livable salary well into the future. As the cost of living continues to increase the importance of pursuing a relevant occupation becomes evident. We all want to do a job we enjoy as well as earn a good salary, which is exactly what a career in information technology offers. With this in mind, AES Global explores the top tech careers for 2020 and beyond. At AES Global Recruitment we specialise in recruiting for the information technology sector and have found that the demand for skilled IT and ICT workers continues to increase in almost all business sectors. Which means the opportunity to work for an established company within your field of interest is reasonably high and offers a large number of options. This is a good reason to sign-up with a recruitment agency, like AES Global Recruitment, as we in a position to assist you in finding the placement that is right for you. We have a large portfolio of clients looking for the right employees for their company. Starting a career in information technology doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many certified institutions and online courses that can help you get your foot in the door, a degree is often preferred, however, many IT professionals in top tech careers have achieved great heights in their careers with IT/FinTech/ICT certifications/diplomae and relevant work experience.

We Look at 5 of the Top Tech Careers for 2020 and Beyond as Options To Consider for A Career in Information Technology

#1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect

Fundamentally, AI Architects make decisions and recommendations around the AI needs of an organisation. As an AI Architect, you will analyse platforms, products, vendors and processes and then implement the AI to best serve these areas. Knowledge of machine learning, natural language processing, AI integration, AI application programming and change management is necessary for this role. AI Architects are highly sort-after in the tech industry as organisations move towards automation. AI Architect is one of the top tech careers to consider for various reason. For example, AI is constantly evolving, and skilled professionals are needed to implement and maintain these new systems.

#2 Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence Analyst spends mosts of their time interpreting data. Most organisations today have vast volumes of data collected and this data tells a story of what consumers or customers are buying and by studying the data one can identify needs and trends in the market. A BI Analyst’s job is to translate this data into a strategy according to which an organisation can implement the necessary processes to increase productivity and ROI. Businesses will be hiring or consulting with Business Intelligence Analysts for many years into the future and are willing to pay a good price for highly skilled individuals to help guide their company in the right direction. This makes BI Analyst one of the top tech careers in 2020 and certainly beyond.

#3 Cloud Architect

As a Cloud Architect, you will need to have an excellent understanding of cloud computing and technology systems. This includes front-end platforms, servers, storage and management networks. You will be required to create a cloud strategy, develop and organise cloud systems, monitor cloud privacy, respond to technical issues, offer guidance regarding infrastructure movement and maintain and manage the adaption process. Most organisations today store their company’s data and information in the cloud. This is an essential and highly skilled job that will be around for many years to come as more and more of the corporate world transitions into the digital space and in turn, the cloud.

#4 Data Scientist

In the field of Data there are several top tech careers, Data Scientist is one of them. As a Data Scientist, you will spend hours sifting through and organising data to assist the company you are in to make informed decisions regarding their business. You will need to ask the right questions about what the data is saying, process the data, integrate and store the data, apply techniques such as machine learning to read and interpret the data, analyse results and adjust any processes that need to change to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company. Data is an extremely valuable commodity in today’s business world and trained, experienced and well equipped Data Scientists are in high demand.

#5 Software Developers

Software developers are responsible for the entire software development process. You will design, develop, install, test and maintain software systems. Developing software to solve a problem, provide entertainment or streamline a business will be your priority. Problem-solving, analytical thinking, strategising and teamwork will be among the top skills required aside from your coding certifications, to do this job effectively. Updating and upgrading hardware and software is something we have all become familiar with. This aspect of information technology, the internet and technology, pertaining to our daily lives, is one of constant change and Software Developer as a career is therefore in high demand. Web and mobile app development are also in high demand and can be considered top tech careers.   “AES Global Recruitment provides a bespoke and consultative recruitment agency. Our industry knowledge, extensive networks and passion for these sectors ensure we are market leaders.” Contact us today to connect with the right people for your career needs.