By Tom Wilde

Looking back on its tremendous growth and its applications far into the future it is not hard to see why the I.T. industry is in such an exciting position right now. Especially if you consider that as long as there are solutions and innovations needed in the I.T. industry, an I.T. professional will always be an employable asset! Whether you are a graduate or experienced professional, if you really want to make your mark on the world, then the I.T. industry is one of the best sectors to work in, knowing that it is constantly growing and evolving, and definitely the way of the future. AES Africa is the perfect platform to match applicants to job descriptions and requirements of the employee in the I.T. industry, from software developers and engineers, to those who have experience in e-commerce, forming an integral portal to the I.T. industry, for both employer and employee. PHP, MySQL development skills, maintaining and optimising websites, CSS and HTML are just a few of the keywords used to describe some of the background required to fill varied positions in the I.T. industry that AES Africa offers. As much as the I.T. industry is challenging, it is also one of the most inspiring industries to work in, knowing that you are involved in breaking new ground and finding new solutions every day. The I.T. industry is the final frontier in terms of man’s exploration, we have been to the moon, found ways to explore the depths of the oceans and the highest of mountains, and, in terms of technology, there is nowhere else to explore but to dive into the culture of growth and movement, development and innovation of the I.T. industry. The I.T. industry is the future, and, while the demands are high, so are the rewards financially and in terms of being on the edge of innovation and discovery, and I.T. professionals will always be in demand!