February 26, 2019 Why AES Global Recruitment?

By Tom Wilde

AES Global: for all your Tech Talent needs

Tech employment opportunities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East continue to sky-rocket. But in a constantly changing industry, candidates with the required up-to-date tech skills and expertise are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

HR Managers and Talent Managers are continually looking for new and innovative ways to recruit and retain the right tech and fintech talent, and place them in tech jobs best suited to their in-demand skill sets.

It is against this backdrop that AES Global, a boutique international recruitment agency that focuses on the technology and financial-services sectors, has disrupted the tech-recruitment industry with their dynamic approach to tech recruitment.

AES Global consists of a team of recruiters who are experts in the field, meaning they understand exactly what the job requires, as well as what tech skills to look for in potential candidates. And as AES Global Recruitment operates out of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, our recruiters are able to headhunt from a large pool of international talent, rather than relying on mass messaging a database of candidates or using the standard job portal websites. This personalised approach to tech recruitment means they are able to find talent where traditional recruitment agencies may struggle.

The AES Global recruitment approach consists of:

Headhunting instead of mass messaging their database:
AES Global Recruitment will personally find the right people for your role, instead of relying on portals.

Direct engagement with candidates:
Instead of trawling through candidates who have applied via standard job portal websites – many of whom may not have any of the required tech skills.

Headhunting techniques that have been carefully refined over the years:
Their personal engagement with candidates means they are able to identify the best person for the role quicker than traditional recruitment agencies.

A highly niche and refined approach to tech recruitment: 
AES Global is a boutique tech and IT recruitment agency. They are not generalists. They know what talent your business wants and needs.

Global reach: 
AES Global has a huge database of potential candidates, each hand-picked by and well-known to the team, giving their clients access to the best candidates in the world.

AES Global Recruitment has placed talent at some of the top companies in the world, such as ABSA Bank, Investec and Allan Gray, among others.

Their areas of expertise include:

·  Software development recruitment

·  Web development recruitment

·  BI and data analytics recruitment

·  Cyber security recruitment

·  Risk management and compliance recruitment

·  Financial services recruitment

·  Testing and QA recruitment

AES Global Recruitment successfully places permanent and contract job seekers in leading tech and fintech companies across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and is rapidly expanding their footprint globally.

The right tech recruitment company understands a company’s business needs in order to meet the requirements and deliverables, thereby relieving pressure on the human resources and talent management departments, as well as supporting the IT department. AES Global streamlines the potentially long process that comes with posting vacancies, receiving an abundance of applications, shortlisting candidates, then interviewing and hiring new employees. In addition, the recruitment agency consists of recruiters who are experts in the field, committed to helping their clients and candidates connect, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.  

AES Global are more than just the middle man, as they have the interests of the parties they represent at heart, and are passionate about helping each business achieve their goals.

Why use AES Global Recruitment for Top Tech Jobs?

Job seekers who are registered with AES Global and are on the lookout for that top tech job have an added advantage over candidates using traditional recruitment agencies or job portal sites. This is because AES Global has built networks with top businesses in the sector, both locally and globally, allowing the recruitment agency to assist many of its candidates in gaining invaluable professional experience.

Most importantly, the candidates experience a high level of professionalism from start to finish and are handled with care, given career advice, and offered contracts and top positions at leading businesses around the world.

Because AES Global Recruitment is aware of the working environments of top brands, as well as the requirements of IT and tech companies, they are able to offer advice and guidance to new candidates about the role and the rigours of the position they are applying for. AES Global understands the fears, challenges and concerns that tech job seekers face.

Candidates are then guided into roles they are eligible for based on their education, skill sets and experience. Personality and brand fit is also strongly considered. It is within this AES Global Recruitment process that candidates get a full picture of what potential employers are looking for, from work ethic and demonstrating one’s capabilities during an interview, to the independent and critical thinking capabilities needed in the workplace.

The tech job market can be very competitive. At times, those looking for jobs are unclear of what employers want and how they could even package and express their skills and experience for that particular employer. It becomes easier when a company like AES Global is dedicated to linking talent and employers, offering that helping hand.


AES Global is the tech recruitment team you can trust to find the right talent, quickly. We are passionate about tech talent and finding the right candidates needed take your business to the next level.

With our access to an array of skilled job seekers, we will find suitable candidates committed to the vision of your business, who are cognisant and prepared for the environment and culture of your company.