June 06, 2022 Global Startup Awards: Africa Summit

By Samuel Ancer

What are the Global Startup Awards?

By Sam Ancer

The Global Startup Awards (GSA) is an independent startup ecosystem competition. The goal of the Global Startup Awards is to link the top startups from around the world. They operate in 124 countries and 4 continents around the globe. 

The Global Startup Awards were founded in 2015, after the success of the Nordic Startup Awards, and a desire to branch out to create a global brand and community. 

The awards are about celebrating startups with the most potential and connecting them to one another. These connections are fostered at the local, national and international level by Global Startup Awards. 

Where is the Global Startup Awards Africa Summit being held?

The Global Startup Awards African Summit will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) on the 14th and 15th of June. 

The first day will host a number of panel discussions with industry experts and thought leaders. It will also represent an opportunity for guests to network.

There will also be a gala dinner on the first day where conference attendees can relax and discuss the day's events.

The second day is invite only and is mostly focused around scheduled meet-ups, workshops and match-making with award winners, desirable sponsors and invited guests. 

How can I take part in the Global Startup Awards African Summit?

There are tickets to both the awards ceremony and the conference held on day 1 of the summit. You can either buy a full day pass or tickets for individual events here.

If you are wanting to attend day two, you will need to do two things. First you will need to be an attendee of day 1, and then you will need to apply for an invitation to attend day 2. Applications can be made here. Bear in mind only select startups and sponsors will receive an invitation to day 2.

How do the Global Startup Awards work?

The selection of the best startups at a global level is a long and thoroughly vetted process. Nominations start at a local level. Anyone relevant to the startup space can be nominated for one of the twelve awards. Nominees will then have to accept the award to progress.

Once nominees have been properly vetted, they will be shortlisted through a specially devised competition system created by the Global Startup Awards. The shortlist is determined by a select group of Global Startup Awards stakeholders who are experts in the relevant category.

From there the shortlisted candidates compete on a regional level. Each candidate is given a rating by regional juries and this is weighed against public votes to determine who goes through to the next stage.

Once the finalists are determined, the final round of public voting opens and this is weighed against a global jury.

From there the winners are announced at Global Grand Finale Day.

What are the categories in the Global Startup Awards?

There are a number of categories across the tech space, but it is worth noting the emphasis on green technology and ancillary fields. The categories are as follows: 

Agricultural Tech 

Best Accelerator

Best Co-Working Space 

Best Newcomer 

Commerce Tech

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Tech 

Founder of the Year 

Health Tech 

Industrial Tech

Startup of the Year

Venture Capital of the Year

Women in Tech 

Who will be attending the Global Startup Awards Africa Summit?

There will be a number of esteemed guests in attendance, however announced speakers include: 

G//G Africa Fund founders Jo Griffiths, Cailtin Nash, and Mahyar Makhzani. G//G is instrumental in the Global Startup Awards Africa, and also operates as a network that connects key investors and startups to promote change in the African startup space and the world.

Tendai Mugabe, one of the key players in “PowerGirls”, a project run by NGO MAMA’s Alliance which is helping educate 2 000 at-risk girls a year since 2020.

Sarah Dusek, founder of Enygma Ventures, a venture fund looking to empower women run startups that show incredible promise and opportunity.

Tafadzwa Munzwa is the founder of Dawa Health. Dawa Health is a maternal health platform that offers mothers the opportunity to get access to health services remotely. 

There are a lot more speakers, and a full list can be found here, but as you can see there is a wealth of expertise to learn from.

The Global Startup Awards Africa Summit represents an opportunity for the African tech world to unite and collaborate. It is a chance to celebrate the achievements of outstanding people within the African tech space but also a chance for Africa to grow together.